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Founded in 2005, the mission of the Skyview HS Senior Parent Association is to host a fun graduation party free of alcohol and drug temptations. Each year 2,500 kids die on graduation night so our goal is to provide a safe and affordable way for Seniors to celebrate their accomplishments. Our goal is to raise $30,000 so we can cover a majority of the party expenses such as transportation, prize fund, food , etc and offer a very low ticket price. Please stay in touch so you can learn about the important fundraisers we will have throughout the year and volunteer opportunities.

Applebee’s Breakfast

March 25

Please joins us on Saturday, March 25 from 8am - 10am for a breakfast Fundraiser at the Salmon Creek Applebee’s. Bring your grandparents, cousins, the whole family! Hope to see you there!

Senior Yard Signs

Place orders for senior yard signs now through May 12. Available in white or blue signs.

Invest in Our Success

It takes several thousand dollars to get the necessary fundraisers going and put deposit down on the party venue. Please help us get a jump start by donating to our direct campaign. Your donations are tax deductible to the extent permitted by the IRS.

What Seniors Are Saying

The Senior Grad Party is a lot of work for the parents but it means the world to our Seniors. Check out last years pictures and the quotes below to see the fun had by all!

“We celebrated our journey of 13 years of education. It means that all of my friends, everyone in our class, and me, got one more chance to get closer to each other one last time before we all go our separate ways. It means that we succeeded and should celebrate what we’ve accomplished. “

Skyview 2022 Senior

"Having a grad party was a big deal for me. Since I wasn’t at school much over the past 2 years the party allowed for me to see and spend time with many old friends. It also allowed me to connect with other students I didn’t know as well. I was very grateful we were allowed to have a grad party and have a normal graduation as it will be something I’ll remember the rest of my life!”

Skyview 2022 Senior

“Not only was the party a very fun way to decompress after a difficult year, but it was the perfect way to find closure with all of my classmates as we end this chapter of our lives and move into adulthood. I know that I won’t talk to a lot of my classmates ever again so it was nice to have the chance to talk to some people for the last time and feel like I ended my high school career in a high note. Thank you for all the effort that went into this party”

Skyview 2022 Senior

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Let’s Keep in Touch

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